ISO Capability Mentoring – New Funding round opens soon

If you are an existing MSD funded provider, you can apply for funding for capability mentoring with the objective to assist your organisation to strengthen financial management and governance, and service provision to the community.

The MSD fourth round of applications to apply for funding for capability mentoring is open on 24 November 2014. We have provided a link below to the MSD website which provides details of the fund, and how to apply. You can apply online to register your interest before the opening date. Details of the registration of interest is also on this web page.

ISO Capability Mentoring (Ctrl + click)

Accounting for Charities Trust is approved by the Ministry of Social Development as an ISO Capability Mentor. We can assist your organisation with capability assessment/organisational plans/implementation of plans to achieve increased capability.

We are pleased to have Keryn Martin as part of our team of ISO Capability Mentors. Keryn is well known with community groups throughout the greater Wellington region and has extensive experience in the Not for Profit sector – he has worked in the community development and funding advisory area of the Department of Internal Affairs, and was also the National Director of ZEAL which is a youth facility in Wellington and Auckland.